• The tax system is broken. Did you know there are 14 different tax rates just for alcohol products? Here's your opportunity to send Canberra a message that it's time they fixed the tax system.
  • Standing in the way of many Australians getting ahead is a tax system that’s too complicated and unfair. 

    It’s unfair tax makes up 70% of the cost of a bottle of spirits.
  • Australia’s tax system is not simple to understand, is not fair, and it is not accountable to the citizens it serves.

    The Government should reform alcohol taxation.
  • The current taxation of alcohol is a standout example of the tax system not working.

    35% - 70% tax on alcohol in Australia.
  • The Federal Government has begun the process of reform to Australia’s tax system.

    They will only follow through if you and your friends make your voices heard.
  • Tell your MP; you want them to fix your tax!

    Email your Federal Politician now.

Our tax system is complicated and unfair. An example of this is the large tax differences between wine, beer, cider and spirits.

This can divert our choice away from what we would prefer to drink towards other drinks that are cheaper.

Our campaign is to have you involved to encourage the Government to consider including alcohol tax reform as part of the White Paper process.

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